Partner Notification Program

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Partner Notification Program for HIV Infection and/or Other STDs

CARE Program – (Companion Awareness and Risk Education Program)

The Connecticut Department of Public Health’s Partner Notification Program (also known as the CARE program) counselors help people with HIV/AIDS or other STDs notify present and previous sex or needle-sharing partners that they may have been exposed to HIV or other STDs. Counselors will tell partners and keep the source confidential, or will provide the support needed for the person with the diagnosis to inform the partner(s) him/herself. Counselors also can give immediate, on-the-spot testing, if wanted, to persons who are being informed of possible exposure to HIV.

The purpose of the program is to inform people as soon as possible about possible exposure.

To Find Providers in Connecticut’s Community Resources Database:

Search by program name: CARE (Companion Awareness and Risk Education)/Partner Notification Program.


SOURCE: Connecticut Department of Public Health