Resources for Connecticut Homeowners with Crumbling Concrete Foundations

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Connecticut homeowners, primarily in the northeastern part of the state, who have identified concrete foundation problems, or those seeking to investigate if their home may have possible issues, can link to the Connecticut Department of Housing webpage for information and resources. The site has highlights and reports of the investigation into the crumbling foundations and its suspected causes, and Connecticut legislation passed to assist homeowners. In addition, other resources available include, press releases, resources for homeowners affected, what to look for if homeowners suspect their residence may be affected and what steps to follow, insurance related issues, a vendor list of home improvement contractors for those wanting to make repairs, and other important resources can be found here:

Testing of foundations is being managed by CRCOG through a contract by the Department of Housing.  Specific questions regarding testing and reimbursement, email or call (860) 724-4277.

To apply for testing reimbursement, visit:

NOTE:  Starting on January 3, 2019 applications will begin being accepted from homeowners seeking state reimbursement and repair funding to replace failing foundations.  A captive insurance company, Connecticut Foundations Solutions Indemnity Company (CFSIC) was created by the legislature to assist homeowners with paying for their crumbling foundations.  Homeowners will have two ways to apply:

Applications will be judged based on how badly the foundation has deteriorated.  CFSIC has a scale for rating the damage and will prioritize those most at risk for collapse.  Reimbursement for work already done on a home will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications are available at:

Additional loan program for those individuals who have already received assistance through the above CFSIC program for their foundations, can receive additional funding for expenses incurred when replacing the foundations,  from this “Supplemental Collapsing Foundation Loan Program.”   For more details visit the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority website:

Special 2019 Update of the Connecticut Department of Insurance “Notice to Insurers Writing Homeowners and Condominium Insurance in Connecticut”, can be found here,

New Act concerning Crumbling Concrete Foundations, effective July, 1, 2019:



Homeowner’s who believe their home’s foundation is deteriorating due to this potentially faulty concrete, can file a complaint with the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection by completing this form and returning this complaint document through the mail or by email at the following:

Consumer Statement
State of Connecticut
Department of Consumer Protection
450 Columbus Blvd
Hartford, CT 06103

or by E-Mail:

When filling out a complaint form, homeowner’s are asked to provide as much information as possible about the home, including pictures, or other evidence from the crumbling foundation to show the issues they are experiencing.


SOURCES: Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection; University of Connecticut’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Laboratory; Connecticut Coalition Against Crumbling Basements (CCACB)