Family with Service Needs

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The following is summarized from the Connecticut Department of Children and Families Policy Manual, Courts: 46-3-31.

What is a Family with Service Needs?
“Family With Service Needs” (FWSN) offenses involve a child (under 17) who:

The Family With Service Needs legislation was based on the principle that the family as well as the child must be involved in services in order to effectively deal with the child’s problematic behavior.

Who May File a Written Complaint
Any of the following individuals who believes a child’s behaviors (as listed above) are such that his/her family is a “Family With Service Needs” may file a written complaint setting forth those facts with the Superior Court for Juvenile Matters which has venue over that matter:

What Services May Be Provided?
When a court acts in a case of a Family With Service Needs, these are the options the court can choose:

To Find Providers in Connecticut’s Community Resources Database:


SOURCES: Department of Children and Families Policy Manual, Superior Court For Juvenile Matters 46-3-31