Security Deposit Assistance

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Department of Housing (DOH) administers the Security Deposit Guarantee Program (SDGP) for Connecticut residents.


For eligible households, the Security Deposit Guarantee Program provides a guarantee to landlords of up to two month’s rent instead of an actual payment. This Program offered through the State of Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH) issues Security Deposit Guarantee (Vouchers) to program participants who satisfy eligibility criteria: financial and categorical eligibility requirements. It is important that the Security Deposit application process is completed prior to moving into the apartment and or home. This is NOT an entitlement program.  Multiple eligibility requirements apply.

FINANCIAL ELIGIBILITY:  To be financially eligible, your household’s total gross annual income must be below 150% of the federal poverty guideline by family size OR you may be financially eligible because you receive temporary family assistance (TFA), diversion assistance pursuant to §17b-112g of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS), state-administered general assistance (SAGA), refugee assistance, aid to the aged, blind or disabled (AABD), food stamps, safety net services pursuant to section 17b-112e of the CGS or Medicaid.  You can be determined financially eligible but you will not be found eligible for the program if it is determined that you do not have enough money to pay the monthly rent.

CATEGORICAL ELIGIBILITY:  To be categorically eligible, your household MUST MEET ONE of the following requirements:

1)  Hold a federal Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher or a certificate from the Rental Assistance Program that was issued while being on the waiting list for rental assistance within the six months before filing a security deposit guarantee application,
2)  Currently reside in emergency housing or an emergency shelter in Connecticut,
3) Cannot remain in permanent housing because a) you have received a notice to quit or a judgment has been entered against you in a summary process action pursuant to Chapter 832 CGS as long as the action was not based on criminal activity, or b) a judgment has been entered agaist you in a foreclosure action pursuant to Chapter 846 CGS and the time limit for redemption has passed,
4)  You have left your permanent housing to escape domestic violence,
5)  A catastrophic event, such as a fire or flood has occurred with the 60 days before the application date, has made your permanent housing uninhabitable or you have been ordered to vacate your permanent housing by a local code enforcement official within the 60 days before the application date;
6)  You hold a federal Section 8 voucher or state Rental Assistance certificate from DOH and you are forced to vacate your residence because the unit failed a housing quality standard inspection when the failure was the responsibility of the owner and the owner will not correct the condition,
7)  Your household shares a dwelling unit with a primary tenant who is being evicted or engages in criminal activity,
8)  Your household has been illegally locked out by your landlord and a policy compliant concerning the lockout has been filed with the police department,
9)  Your household has been living with a person who received a preliminary notice under section 47a-15 CGS or a notice to quit because of termination of a rental agreement for lapse of time, or
10)  Your household left permanent housing because a child in your family who lived in the dwelling unit a level of lead in the blood equal to or greater than 20 micrograms per deciliter of blood or any other abnormal body of lead and the local director of health has determined, after an epidemiological investigation pursuant to section 19a-111 CGS that the source of the lead poisoning was the dwelling unit in which the child lived with the applicant.
Once your eligibility has been established, you will receive a “Certification of Eligibility” (Form DOH-SDG6).  That certification can be shown to a possible landlord to prove that you are eligible for the program.  We strongly urge you to NOT begin your search for a rental unit until you have received the “Certification of Eligibility.”

APPLICATION PROCESS: Cannot apply more than once in any 18 month period and only allowed two payouts per applicant.

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