Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) Diversion Program

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The Diversion Program is for families who are eligible for Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) but the family’s needs are short term and do not require ongoing cash assistance. The amount of assistance will depend upon the need, but will not exceed the total of three months of TFA for that family. The assistance is paid in one lump sum. The Diversion Program can help pay for shelter expenses (food, rent, security deposit, utility bills,) and work-related expenses (child care, tools, uniforms, clothing, transportation, car registration, insurance or repairs.) While in the three month Diversion Program period the family may also be eligible to receive Medicaid, child care assistance, employment services and SNAP (food stamps).

Note: The Diversion Program is a three month program and is counted as three months of the 21 month TFA time limit, if at a later date the family does go onto TFA.

Must meet TFA income and asset limits; Must be U.S. citizen or have permanent resident status; Must have a job, a job offer that will begin within three months, marketable skills and have no barriers which would prevent the adult from finding and keeping a job, or have a good work history; Must have an emergency or family crisis that can be resolved within at least three months allowing family to remain independent of public aid or assistance; Must have expenses related to employment which family cannot pay.

During the interview for TFA the Diversion Program may be offered as an alternative to monthly cash assistance; Client may accept Diversion Program or choose to continue with a TFA application; Family can receive Diversion funds once in a 12 month period, up to a maximum of three times in recipient’s lifetime.

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