Health Care

The links below provide comprehensive, up-to-date information on health care programs and services.

Payment and Insurance

Health Insurance Counseling
HUSKY Health in Connecticut encompasses Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance program for income eligible children, parents, relative caregivers, elders, individuals with disabilities, adults without dependent children, and pregnant women. To see if you qualify for a program, click on the link below to find an appropriate program for you.

Older adults, ages 65+ and adults with disabilities who are looking for assistance with enrolling in a Medicare plan or looking to determine if eligible for a low-income subsidy for help with prescription costs, click on the link below to find an agency who may be able to assist you.

If you have large medical expenses and need some help paying your bill, click on the link below to see if an organization in your area may be able to assist.

Medical Expense Assistance
For information on various federal, state and local health resources and programs, visit the 2-1-1 “Connecticut’s Health Care Resource Guide” at the link below.

Health Care Resource Guide


Prevention and Treatment

Do you need basic health care including any of the following: a physical examination, an immunization, family planning, nutrition assistance, diagnosis and treatment of a common ailment, to name a few, and are low income, homeless or uninsured/underinsured? Click on the link below to find a clinic in your area.

Do you need help with paying for an eye examination, click on the eye screening link below, or to find a resource to help you with buying glasses, click on the glasses/contact lenses link to find out if eligible for assistance.

If you do not have any dental insurance and need help with dental care treatment, click on the link below to find an agency that may be able to assist with treatment.

Cancer screenings are key to preventing cancer. Click on the link below to find an agency that can help with colon, cervical, or a mammogram screening, to name a few, cancer prevention screenings.

Do you have a specific disease, disability, or medical condition that you would like some assistance with managing? Do you have a family history and would like to make lifestyle changes that can prevent the disease or limit the initial onset? Click on the link below and put in your city or town to find resources in your area, that can help.

Additional Resources

Connecticut’s Health Insurance Exchange, Access Health CT, provides residents with a portal that compares insurance options, estimates costs, and helps choose the right plan for individuals and/or their families. - HealthyLivesCT website focuses on overall wellness programs and services to assist Connecticut residents with helping to lower stress, reduce the risk of illness, and ensure positive interactions. HealthyLivesCT targets emotional, physical, holistic, and financial wellness by providing screening tools, and links to information and options to help individuals attain a sense of well-being.

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