Connecticut Partnership for Long Term Care

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The Connecticut Parnership for Long Term Care is a joint effort by the Connecticut state government and the private insurance industry to help Connecticut residents meet their long term care needs without depleting all of their assets to pay for care. It is administered by the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management,

Residents of Connecticut may purchase long term care insurance to protect a specified amount of their assets from being counted as part of an eligibility determination for Medicaid.  Individuals may purchase a policy for a specific amount of coverage. Should they eventually need long term care at home or in a nursing home, the insurance company will pay benefits towards the cost of care. If the individual then applies for Medicaid, he or she will be allowed to retain assets up to the amount that the policy paid and not have this amount counted towards the Medicaid program asset limit.

The Connecticut Partnership for Long Term Care, also known as the Connecticut Partnership Program was the first state to implement a Partnership Program, this was in 1992. The Connecticut Partnership Program works in the same manner as the other state Partnership Programs, where the state of CT partnered with private Long Term Care Insurance companies to offer Partnership Policies that offer the Medicaid Asset Protection should a policy owner ever need to apply for the Connecticut’s Medicaid Program for assistance. The CT Partnership Policies will help a policyholder meet their LTC needs without having to deplete all of their assets to pay for care.

For a list of long-term care (LTC) insurance policies that are approved by the Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care and for additional information, contact The Connecticut’s Partnership Consumer Information Service, 800-547-3443 or visit the website at:

For additional long-term care information and resources, visit the State of Connecticut’s, My Place CT website,