Connecticut Energy Assistance Program – CEAP: 2019-2020

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The following information is based on the 2019-2020 Connecticut Energy Assistance Program.   
Energy assistance through the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) helps low income households pay their primary heat source bills. Energy payments are determined by family size and gross income, and by whether a household is classified as “vulnerable”. Vulnerable households have a member who is under age 6, who is age 60+, or who is any age and disabled.

Household with income at or below 60% of the State Median Income.  A vulnerable household as defined above may qualify for a higher basic benefit.

BASIC BENEFIT (for all primary heat source households):     
From $340-$670, depending on income, or $395-$725, if there is a vulnerable person as defined above in the household.

CRISIS BENEFIT (for deliverable fuel heated households):      
Available for households that heat with a deliverable fuel (oil, wood and wood pellets, propane, kerosene, coal): Levels 1-4 (households up to 200% of federal poverty guideline), the benefit is $710.  Level 5 (households from 200% of the federal poverty guideline to 60% of the state median income), the benefit is $350.

SAFETY NET:  (for deliverable fuel heated households):          
For Level 1-4 households that heat with a deliverable fuel (oil, wood and wood pellets, propane, kerosene, coal):  $515. Eligible households may be eligible to receive up to two Safety Net deliveries of $515 each.  Vulnerable households may be eligible to receive up to three Safety Net deliveries of $515 each.  Households must complete a risk assessment to determine if they qualify for Safety Net Assistance benefits.

For households up to 60% of the state median income guidelines whose heat is included in their rent and whose rent is more than 30% of their income: $150-$190, depending on income level. Households that pay less than 30% of their income on rent and receive SNAP benefits may qualify for a payment of $20.01, which is issued directly by DSS (This results in a recalculation of their SNAP benefits that might result in increased SNAP benefits).

Homeowners:  $15,000 in liquid assets
All others:  $12,000 in liquid assets
(Liquid assets are assets that can be readily accessed. Stocks, mutual funds, savings and checking accounts, CDs are all liquid assets.) Home equity, car values, life insurance policies are not considered liquid assets.

Households whose assets exceed the allowable limit may still be eligible as the amount over the limit can be added to income. If income is still under the limit after adding in excess assets, client is eligible.

Deliverable fuel heated households who are either without heating fuel, or within one week of being without heating fuel at the time of application, will be eligible to receive prioritized services, including prompt eligibility processing. Households applying under these circumstances will receive a fuel delivery authorization within 18 hours after determination of eligibility.

By appointment, unless noted.  People must apply in person, unless they are homebound, and must apply EVERY YEAR. If they have received an application form in the mail from DSS, they must call and make an appointment and take their form to their application site when they have their appointment. People who are homebound have the option of applying by mail. Receiving an application in the mail does NOT mean that the household has applied.

11/13/19: First day for fuel deliveries for which CEAP will pay.
11/13/19: First day for authorization of fuel deliveries (oil, wood and wood pellets, propane, kerosene, coal).
4/30/20: Deadline for deliverable fuel authorizations or deliveries from Basic Benefits, Crisis Assistance, or Safety Net Assistance, for clients already awarded CEAP benefits.
6/1/20: Last day a household, that has not yet applied for CEAP benefits, that heats with oil or other deliverable fuels can apply to establish eligibility for CEAP benefits; Once deemed eligible, they can submit outstanding deliverable fuel bills for deliveries through April 30, 2020 for payment to vendor for their Basic Benefits.
5/29/20: Last day to submit deliverable fuel bills for deliveries made on or after 11/13/19.

6/1/20: Last day a household heated with gas or electricity can apply
5/15/20: Last day that a gas or utility heated household with a shut off notice or disconnected from their primary heat source (natural gas or electric) can apply to establish eligibility

How to Apply: 

To find your local CEAP application site, click this link and then enter your zip code or address in the second search box and hit Enter.  Click More Details to view the hours of operation, address and phone number of the site.

You can also Text CTWARM to 898211

What to Bring With You When You Apply: Checklist of Required Documentation:

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Spanish version –


SOURCE: State of Connecticut Department of Social Services