Energy Conservation and Weatherization Programs

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Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund maintains a website with information about energy conservation for home owners, renters, businesses, and government entities. The CEEF is a partnership of Connecticut’s utility companies that is funded by a small charge on customers’ utility bills.

Weatherization programs for income eligible households:

Capital for Change, Inc. (C4C) administers energy conservation low interest loan programs for single and multi-family homeowners.  To apply, go to:

Home Energy Solutions (HES)  is a program offered to gas and electric customers for energy assessments, weatherization, duct sealing, energy efficient bulbs, insulation and appliance rebates.  Call 1-877-947-3873 (1-877-WISE-USE) for more information.

CONNECTICUT GREEN BANK – provides loans that support a wide range of energy improvements, a solar lease specifically tailored for low-to-moderate income homeowners, or educational resources and incentives for going solar. Smart-E Loans offer no money down, low-interest financing with flexible terms to help upgrade a home, company, municipality, and other institutions,

Weatherization Program through Community Action Agencies:

The USDOE Weatherization Program goes up to 60% of the State Median Income for all households. The program pays for energy conservation improvements, including storm windows, insulation, replacement or repair of heating systems. The household must not have been weatherized in previous years, and the cost of the system must be leveraged with non-federal funds. The applicant may be required to help pay for the improvements. Systems can be replaced in one or two family units. The owner must be eligible and live in the building. The person whose unit is being replaced, if it is not the owner, must also be eligible and the landlord must agree to contribute 20% of material costs up to $500.

A card to request weatherization will be included with client’s CEAP certification packet. Client must return the card to request assistance; there may be a waiting list; Must apply separately for furnace repair/replacement.

Municipal programs: Some towns offer grants or loans for home improvements, including energy conservation improvements. These programs are usually offered through the building or development offices.

To Find Energy Conservation in Connecticut’s Community Resources Database:

Search by service name: Energy Conservation Improvements


SOURCE: Capital for Change, Inc. (C4C), (AKA: Connecticut Housing Investment Fund); Eversource; CT Energy Solutions