Water and Energy Conservation Tips/Incentives

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Water is an important natural resource. We use it everyday at home and at work in so many ways that we take it for granted. However, water is no longer the “sure thing” that it was in the past. We need to reassess our attitude about water and how to conserve it.

For information on water conservation/water restrictions/water saving tips go to https://portal.ct.gov/DPH/Drinking-Water/DWS/Consumer-Information

Other useful websites:

State of Connecticut Water Status

Audubon Connecticut



With the prospect of continuing increases in energy prices, both the Connecticut state government and the federal government have created incentives to encourage energy conservation.

Connecticut offers the Energy Conservation Loan Program (ECL) and the Multifamily Energy Conservation Loan Program (MEL), which provide financing at below market rates to single family and multi-family residential property owners for the purchase and installation of cost-saving energy conservation improvements.  The ECL program is for homeowners with gross annual income at or below 110% of the State Median Income by geographic area and family size, and the MEL program is open to owners of residential properties with at least five dwelling units in the building. The loan programs are administered by Capital for Change, Inc. (C4C) with funding from the Connecticut Department of Housing,  More info.

CONNECTICUT GREEN BANK – provides loans that support a wide range of energy improvements, a solar lease specifically tailored for low-to-moderate income homeowners, or educational resources and incentives for going solar. Smart-E Loans offer no money down, low-interest financing with flexible terms to help upgrade a home, company, municipality, and other institutions, http://www.ctgreenbank.com/


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