Foreclosure / Avoiding Foreclosure

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Failure to pay your monthly mortgage payments can lead to foreclosure, but there may be ways to avoid that outcome. The following is a list of things you can do if you can no longer afford your mortgage.

Foreclosure Recovery Scams:
Beware of anyone that tells you that you can stop foreclosure by signing a document that appoints someone else to act on your behalf. You could be signing over the title to your property without knowing it. Before signing any document that deals with your mortgage, get the advice of an attorney, a HUD approved housing counselor, or a real estate professional that you know and trust. You can also call the Better Business Bureau or the State’s Attorney to see if the business is trustworthy.

To read more about foreclosure scams, go to the Federal Trade Commission’s paper, Mortgage Relief Scams.

Programs for Connecticut Residents at Risk of Foreclosure:

Web-Based Resources:

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