Liens Placed On Real Estate By Connecticut Department Of Social Services (DSS)

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Department of Social Services (DSS) Lien Release Process: New Law Ended DSS Liens on Real Property

As of July 1, 2021, DSS is ending all real property liens that have been filed to recover the cost of cash assistance and/or Medicaid assistance.  The change results from Public Act 21-3, passed by the General Assembly and signed by Governor Lamont on March 4, 2021.  Liens on real property owned by former clients, clients and legally-liable relatives (LLR) are being released.

Any existing real property lien, filed pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §§ 17b-79 and 17b-93 to secure the State of Connecticut’s right to recover the cost of certain public assistance, shall be deemed released on July 1, 2021, unless the recovery of such assistance is required by federal law.  The new law covers all DSS real property liens that have ever been placed on client and LLR property due to a receipt of cash and/or Medicaid assistance.

DSS has issued formal lien releases to all towns to be recorded in land records.  – Visit the DSS website here to request a copy of the formal release of the lien if unintentionally omitted:




Source: Connecticut Department of Social Services
Prepared by: 211/tb
Content last modified: October2022