Medicare Premiums, Deductibles, Co-Insurance – 2023

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The following information was adapted from the chart  “Medicare Costs at a Glance” on the website:


Part A: (Hospital Insurance) premium:

Most people don’t pay a monthly premium for Part A (sometimes called “premium-free Part A“), because they paid Medicare taxes while working. If you buy Part A, you’ll pay up to $506 each month in 2023, depending on how long you or your spouse worked and paid Medicare taxes.

Part A: hospital inpatient deductible and co-insurance

You pay:


Part B: (Medical Insurance) premium

You pay:

The standard Part B premium amount is $164.90 (or higher depending on your income).


Part B: deductible and co-insurance

You pay:

$226 for the deductible. After your deductible is met, you typically pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for most doctor services (including most doctor services while you’re a hospital inpatient), outpatient therapy, and durable medical equipment (dme).


Part C: (Medicare Advantage) premium

Medicare Part C is better known as “Medicare Advantage.” The Part C monthly premium varies by plan. Compare costs for specific Part C plans.


Part D: (Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage) premium

The Part D monthly premium varies by plan (higher-income consumers may pay more). Compare costs for specific Part D plans.


For more information on Medicare costs, including those pertaining to home health care, hospice care, skilled nursing care, and mental health services, see “Detailed Medicare Cost information for 2023” on the website: