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The following text is provided by the Military Support Program at DMHAS.


Military personnel and their families often experience adjustment issues related to deployment. These problems may occur during the alert, mobilization, and deployment phase, or upon return to civilian life. These military personnel may experience adjustment problems or more serious problems such as a result of combat experiences. At the same time, families are dealing with the stressors with impending or actual deployment.

Program Services

Confidential, transitional services will be offered statewide to currently Connecticut veterans, military service members and their families who are preparing for possible or actual deployment or those military personnel who have recently returned from deployment. The program will offer support and counseling referrals, and will have the following components:

Support services will be available statewide through a provider network of specially trained clinicians when services are unavailable or not covered by insurance through the Department of Defense or Veterans’ systems. Connecticut’s Reserve military personnel and their family members will be eligible for services.

The counseling services will be managed through an Administrative Service Organization (ASO). Determination of service eligibility, screening for needed clinical or support services, and linkage to appropriate mental health or addiction services will be coordinated through this unit, by Advanced Behavioral Health, toll-free Call Center.

This transitional support model would include informal meetings with military personnel and/or their families who request this service. For instance, this support may involve help on “single parenting” or “the transition home” for troops and their families. These supports might be helpful for Reserve Component military personnel who are not part of formal support groups.

An oversight unit at DMHAS will work with the Administrative Service Organization (ASO) to oversee the triage, referral, and supports for military personnel and their families. This unit will partner with the Connecticut Army-Air National Guard; Army, Navy, Marines Reserve Units in Connecticut; VA Connecticut Healthcare System and the federal Veterans Readjustment and Counseling Service.  The MSP staff will work with the service members insurance to identify providers that are Military Culture Informed. If a service member is uninsured the Community Specialist will work with the service member to obtain appropriate counseling through local Community programs:


The toll-free number to access services for the MSP is 1-866-251-2913, or the Community Clinician at 860-480-1463.

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How does this program meet the needs of the Troops and their families?

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