Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator

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What is a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator?
The Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator provides assistance to homeowners experiencing nuisance wildlife problems. These conflicts typically include wild animals damaging crops, livestock or property; wild animals posing a threat to human safety; diseased wild animals; and wild animals taking up residence in areas where they are unwanted.

Upon receipt of a nuisance wildlife call, the Wildlife Division will first attempt to resolve the problem over the phone, or by mailing technical assistance information.

Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators can advertise services and charge fees for the purpose of handling nuisance wildlife problems.

List of Licensed NWCO’s in Connecticut:

How to Become a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (NWCO)
Note: The Connecticut DEEP Wildlife Division is no longer handling registration or providing training materials for the CT NWCO Association sponsored training class. Therefore, persons who wish to register for the training class should register directly with the NWCO Association.

For information and to register for the next Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator training class persons should visit the Connecticut NWCO Association website

Wildlife Division – Nuisance Wildlife Complaints
Residents who are experiencing wildlife-caused problems and are unable or unwilling to resolve the situation themselves should contact the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Bureau of Natural Resources/Wildlife Division.

Filing a Complaint Against a NWCO
If you feel a NWCO has acted in an unsatisfactory or unethical manner report such actions in writing to The Bureau of Natural Resources/Wildlife Division. Because the NWCO’s are conducting private businesses, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is not liable for any actions that they may take.


SOURCE: Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection