Patient Access to Medical Records in Connecticut

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By law, a health care provider, a hospital and other health care facilities must provide a copy of a patient’s health record upon the written request of the patient, his/her attorney, or authorized representative.

In certain situations, under the law, the provider can charge a patient the costs for providing a copy of an x-ray.

The provider must supply the health record within 30 days of the request.

Connecticut Act SHB 5701 increases the maximum amount per page a provider can charge a patient for a copy of his or her medical records to no more than 65 cents per page and the cost of first class postage.

Upon the death or retirement of a health care provider, it is the responsibility of the provider or surviving responsible relative or executor to inform his/her patients. This is done by sending a letter to each patient seen within the three years proceeding the date of the “discontinuance of practice.” Medical records for all patients should be retained for at least sixty days following both the public and private notice to patients.

If a patient is having trouble locating their records the Department of Public Health suggests that they contact any associated physician’s office, the hospital affiliated with the practice, or the local health director’s office for possible information about the whereabouts of their records. For more information go to:–Investigations/PLIS/Access-to-Medical-Records1821

For additional information on Connecticut Health Care Laws, visit the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries webpage,


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