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Preconception is the time before you become pregnant. If you are thinking about having a baby, you should seek Preconception Health Care to begin the process of managing conditions and behaviors that could present risks for you or your baby, because some of the baby’s most important development happens before you even know that you are pregnant!

Make Sure You Are Healthy Before Getting Pregnant!

Being healthy before you get pregnant may improve your chances for a healthy birth outcome for your baby. To be as healthy as possible before becoming pregnant:

Remember…The healthier you are before you become pregnant, the better it will be for you and your baby!

Fathers and Preconception
Men play an important role in supporting and encouraging their partners to be as healthy as possible in the preconception stage. There are also preconception steps that fathers can take to promote a healthy birth outcome for his baby:

Preconception Resources In Your Community
Dial 2-1-1 or 1-800-203-1234 for more information about Preconception Care, to find a health care provider in your area, or to get referrals for smoking cessation, and drug/alcohol treatment programs. 2-1-1 can also talk to you about health care options if you are uninsured.

Websites with Information About Preconception:


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