Safe Sleep Plans

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It is important to create a Safe Sleep Plan before bringing your baby home from the hospital. The plan is designed to minimize the risk of an unexpected death for a child under the age of one.

A Safe Sleep Plan has two main components – the sleep environment and safe sleep practices. A crib or bassinette must be free of any items that could cause suffocation or strangulation such as loose blankets, bumpers, pillows, and toys. If your baby falls asleep in a car seat, swing or stroller, it is important to transfer them to a firm sleep surface as soon as possible. Be sure that your baby is sleeping in a smoke-free and drug-free environment where he or she can be easily monitored by an adult.

When planning for safe sleep practices, remember that children under the age of one should be placed on their backs. Their clothing should be appropriate for the temperature of the room to avoid overheating. Lastly, be sure that the person responsible for the baby while he or she is asleep can hear what is happening in the room.



SOURCE: Connecticut State Department of Children and Families