Same-Sex Marriage in Connecticut

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As of  June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court issued a decision that same-sex couples can marry in all 50 states

The following is an excerpted history from GLAD’s Answers for the LGBTQ Community:  How to Get Married in Connecticut (

Requirements for Marriage in Connecticut

Any couple regardless of gender can marry in Connecticut, provided they meet the state’s marriage requirements. Those requirements include:

For more on “Connecticut Laws About Marriage”, visit the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries webpage,

Where to get a Marriage License

Each person wishing to get married must go to a town hall and fill out a marriage application (an application can also be downloaded from the internet and filled out at the town hall). If a person is a Connecticut resident, that person must go to the town hall where he/she resides or where the ceremony will take place. For non-resident couples, the couple must apply for the marriage license in the town where the ceremony takes place. After submission of the application, the town clerk provides a marriage license. After the ceremony, the person who officiates at the wedding must return the marriage license to the town where the ceremony took place. The town clerk will then register the marriage and the couple can receive an official certificate of marriage.

Required Documents and Fees

Couples need to bring the following documents to the Town Clerk’s office:

The Wedding Ceremony

A couple has 65 days from the day they apply for a marriage license to have a wedding ceremony. Persons authorized to marry couples in Connecticut include:

Connecticut does not require that there be any witnesses (although religious entities may require witnesses).

Same-Sex Marriage and Civil Unions

As of October 1, 2010, all Connecticut civil unions were converted into marriages by operation of law.

Protections Gained from a Marriage in Connecticut

A marriage gives a person automatic inclusion within and under many Connecticut state laws that apply to spouses, family and next of kin. Categories of Connecticut laws that relate to marriage and civil unions include:

Many private parties – e.g., employers, landlords, public accommodations, etc. – are subject to the state law prohibiting discrimination based on marital status, civil union status and sexual orientation.

Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages

The United States Supreme Court decision in Obergefell vs Hodges on June 26, 2015 guarantees that the marriages of same-sex couples will be recognized anywhere in the United States.


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