State and Federal Benefit Programs that Require U.S. Citizenship

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Undocumented immigrants may have a difficult time trying to navigate benefit services in the state they are residing, until they retain a legal residency status. Along with language barriers and bureaucratic delays, it can be a long and frustrating process for individuals, as each state has their own state guidelines regarding immigrants’ eligibility for federal and state program rules for cash, food, and health assistance programs. An immigrant not falling within the qualified immigrant group, which can include refugees, asylum applicants, as well as those with temporary status, such as students and tourists, may have a hard time qualifying for state and federal programs with their undocumented status.

The following document may help undocumented immigrants residing in Connecticut identify which benefits that they may be eligible for, or those that they will not immediately qualify for: Programs That Require Citizenship Or Green Card.


SOURCES: Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS); Connecticut Department of Public Health; U.S. Department of Agriculture
PREPARED BY: 211ct/tb