Support Services for Families of Inmates / Community Re-Entry Resources for Ex-Offenders

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Several agencies in Connecticut assist, support and provide services to family members of inmates who are currently incarcerated in a Connecticut prison. Services usually include helping family members cope with the various aspects of having their loved one incarcerated, providing supporting guidance, and helping family members prepare for the inmate’s release from prison.

The State of Connecticut Department of Corrections website,, has a section “Information for Friends and Families,” which answers commonly asked questions and references specific topics and areas of concern.

How Can I Send an Inmate Money?
To find out how to send an inmate money, please read the eLibrary paper entitled INMATE TRUST FUND/INMATE ACCOUNTS – CONNECTICUT.

How Can I Research Other Topics Related to Criminal Justice?
The 2-1-1 eLibrary contains many papers on topics related to parole, probation, pardons, and representing yourself in court. The following link will show all criminal justice related categories in the eLibrary:

To Find Providers in Connecticut’s Community Resources Database:
To find a comprehensive list of multiple services for inmates who are coming out of prison (including job finding assistance, basic needs, substance abuse and mental health treatment):

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Community Re-Entry Services for Ex-Offenders

SOURCES: State of Connecticut Department of Corrections website; City of New Haven website