Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) – Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)

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3/25/20: Current TFA recipients: Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) program was time limited and had work requirements. Both are suspended since Covid-19. Individuals getting TFA now, will be automatically renewed for six months if your current benefits run out in March or April. If individuals used to get TFA, but had “used up all your time,” it is likely that you are eligible now during this pandemic. The 21-month time limit on Temporary Family Assistance (TFA) is modified so that the months that a family received assistance during the COVID-19 public health emergency are not counted towards their limit


Program Administration:
TANF is a federal program that provides assistance to needy families. In Connecticut, TANF funds the TFA program. TFA is administered by the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) http://portal.ct.gov/DSS/Economic-Security/Temporary-Family-Assistance—TFA. It is the cash part of Jobs First Program.


Income and Asset Limits
Income limit differs by region because of the cost of housing difference, but is always a figure less than 100% of the Federal Poverty Level; Asset limit is $3500; also, $9500 of car value is not counted towards assets, or if used to transport a household member with a disability. Earnings of dependent students are not counted.

Where Do People Apply?
Apply online at http://portal.ct.gov/DSS/Common-Elements/How-to-Apply-for-Services/How-to-Apply-for-Services/How-To From here you can print an application for mailing to DSS.  Or by phone to request an application by mail, call the DSS Client Information Line, 1-855-CONNECT (1-855-626-6632) or visit a DSS regional offices.

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SOURCE: Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) website