Transportation Options

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ADA Paratransit Programs: ADA Paratransit Systems are run by all fixed-route bus systems in Connecticut. Each agency provides transportation for residents within their service areas who are unable to use local buses. Participants must apply for the service, provide documented proof of their disability and pay a set fee for each trip that they take. The Connecticut State Department of Transportation (DOT): ( can provide further information on the programs.

Senior/Disabled Ride Programs: Dial-A-Ride programs are offered by some cities or towns and community councils in Connecticut. Participants must register for the program and show proof of their disability. Transportation is provided to local destinations such as banks, medical buildings and stores; some programs may also schedule activities such as out-of-town shopping trips and medical appointments. Usually, at least 24 hours notice is required for making transportation arrangements. Minimum age requirements, fees and routes vary from program to program.
Click here for a list of Senior Ride Programs.

Medical Transportation Programs: Medical Transportation programs provide non-emergency transportation for people who may not be able to use other transportation due to their disabilities and/or their financial situations. The programs are run by community service organizations, medical or nursing agencies and cities/towns to take participants to medical appointments at clinics, hospitals or medical centers. Some programs will take people to out-of-town locations for medical treatment, when needed. Advance notice for medical appointments and registration is usually required.
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Public Buses:
Click here for a list of public transit systems.


SOURCES: Agency listings in 2-1-1 Community Resources Database; Department of Transportation, State of Connecticut website