Winter Protection / Winter Moratorium

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Program Administration: Connecticut Department of Public Utilities regulates programs; Individual utility companies process applications.

Program Description: Eligible households (“hardship cases”) can be protected against heat source shut-offs between 11/1 and 5/1.  (Eversource and possibly other companies will also protect hardship cases from NON-heat utility shutoffs).  Gas and electric utilities CANNOT EVER BE SHUT OFF (summer or winter) if lack of the utility creates a life-threatening situation.

Note for Gas Customers:
Gas companies cannot terminate service to “hardship cases” during the period 11/1-5/1. However, they can refuse to reinstate service for “hardship” customers if there has been a shut off between 5/2-10/31, if their household had had service maintained during the previous moratorium period because of “hardship” status, AND if since 5/1 the customer has not paid the lessor of $100, the minimum payments due under the payment arrangement, or 20% of the amount owed the gas company as of the date of the shutoff. (This does not apply to customers who are in a life-threatening situation if utility is not restored.)

Who Is Eligible? (any ONE of the following situations)

How to Apply: Households must apply EVERY year for winter protection from shut offs. If applying for energy assistance customer can complete the necessary paperwork at that time.  Send supporting documentation and request to be coded for “winter protection” to the utility company or call the utility company credit office to ask for information

To Find Providers in Connecticut’s Community Resources Database:


SOURCES: Eversource: Programs That Help People in Connecticut; Connecticut Legal Services