Winter Storms and Blizzards

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Winter Storm Watch:
Severe winter conditions, such as heavy snow and/or ice, are possible within the next day or two. Prepare now!

Winter Storm Warning:
Severe winter conditions have begun or are about to begin in your area. Stay indoors!

Blizzard Warning:
Snow and strong winds will combine to produce a blinding snow (near zero visibility), deep drifts and life-threatening wind chill. Seek shelter immediately!

Winter Weather Advisory:
Winter weather conditions are expected and may be hazardous, especially for motorists

Frost/Freeze Warning:
Below freezing temperatures are expected and may cause significant damage to plants, crops, or fruit trees

Before the Storm Strikes:
Winter storms and blizzards can cause loss of electricity, heat and telephone service and can trap you in your home for a few days. Have available:

During the Winter Storm:

If You Must Travel by Car in a Storm:

If You Do Get Stuck:

After the Storm Has Passed:


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