Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

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The following is excerpted from the website of the United States Department of Agriculture,, and the Connecticut Department of Agriculture,

What is the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program?
The Seniors Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) is funded and administered by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture to provide low income seniors with coupons that can be exchanged for eligible foods at farmers’ markets. The SFMNP was created to provide a supplemental source of fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs from farmers’ markets, and to promote agricultural diversification by stimulating the demand for Connecticut grown fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets.

Who is Eligible?
Individuals 60 years of age or older, with incomes that do not exceed 185% of poverty income guidelines are eligible. Clients must be participating in another program with proper means testing verifying their eligibility. Examples of other programs include but are not limited to renter rebate programs or congregate meal programs.

How Does the Program Operate?
Each eligible recipient receives five (6) three-dollar ($3) checks ($18 per recipient, per market season), which can be redeemed at FMNP authorized markets throughout Connecticut for fruits, vegetables, fresh cut herbs, and honey. Senior FMNP checks are issued to Municipal Agents or Social/Elderly Service Directors by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture.  The vouchers are then distributed by the Municipal Agents or Social/Elderly Service Directors to eligible seniors in their town or city.  SFMNP coupons can only be used at authorized farmers’ markets and only for fresh fruits, vegetables, and cut herbs from state certified farmers’ market vendors.

How to Apply:
Eligible seniors may apply at the office of their town’s Municipal Agent for the Elderly or Social/Elderly Service Director.


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